Herend Porcelain products

Whether you are a porcelain fan, or only intrigued by at various items, on your visit to Herend the first thing that gets the attention is the Herend Porcelain Museum, a two story building in late-Classicist style. The ground floor presents the most intriguing products of porcelain. Notwithstanding its prevalent dinnerware designs, Herend additionally got to be known for their dazzling puppets embellished with a now-notable “fishnet” outline. Herend puppets were initially delivered in 1858, yet turned out to be most prominent after the Great Depression, when Herend expanded to offer moderate fancy things for the normal shopper. Amid this period, Herend made a porcelain figural gathering that included outlines of more than 150 winged creatures and 200 creatures, in a mixed bag of sizes, to oblige most shoppers. Herend items are made from hard-glue porcelain utilizing a blend of kaolin, feldspar and quartz. You can shop Herend products online or in retail stores.

In the wake of cleaning, designing and drying, Herend Porcelain is initially heated at 830 degrees Celsius.  The heated pieces are then coated with a solid material and again heated at 1410 degrees Celsius. This results in white, translucent porcelain. At this stage it is prepared for painting by hand and afterward, depending whether it has been painted with different colors or with gold, it is done off by doing a number of other procedures.

The team of this company includes specialists, potters and painters. They add quality to their work and style. Porcelain items made by Herend have won many prizes in various exhibitions all over the world.  Artists produce different figurines including animals, birds and other attractive things. They also produce beautiful porcelain items for children. They understand the needs of every genre of society and prepare different porcelain items. They mainly use blue and white floral design for decorating various items.  Different vases and pottery items are fabulous and even high class people love to keep these items in their home.  You can also visit Herend Canada to explore various items made at Herend factory. All products are of high quality and last for a longer period of time. The beauty and durability of Herend porcelain cannot be compared with any company products. It has gained worldwide popularity because of its genuineness and beautiful craftsmanship. Craftsmen working for Herend put their complete efforts to create wonderful porcelain items. You can buy them to gift your friends and relative on special occasion.